Welcome to the home of Cupertino Signal Processing, a place to find contract Analog Integrated Circuit Design support on the web, and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. This site is presently under construction, so please check back later to see more in-depth content. In the meantime, please review the list of company details and avail yourself of the contact and reference information, above.

Cupertino Signal Processing

  • Contract Analog Integrated Circuit Design in short-channel monolithic CMOS, BiCMOS
  • Analog circuit analysis and evaluation
  • Serial Data Communication for Wireline RF and Fiber Optic links
  • Contract PCB design and analysis for signal integrity
  • Technical Documentation, full IP transfer, first-silicon bench evaluation

Circuit Design

  • Synopsys
    • Hspice vC-2009.03
    • Hspice RF*
  • Matlab R2012a
    • Simulink
    • Communications Blockset
    • Communications Toolbox
    • Control System Toolbox
    • Signal Processing Blockset
    • Signal Processing Toolbox
    • Simulink Control Design
    • Spline Toolbox
    • Stateflow
  • Cadence Design Systems*
    • Virtuoso (schematic capture)
    • Spectre, Spectre-RF (simulation)
    • Verilog-A (behavioral modelling)
    • Allegro PCB
  • Agilent ADS*
    • Schematic capture
    • PCB design
    • Simulation & verification
  • 3D EM Simulation & Verification
    • Sonnet EM
    • CST Microwave Studio*
  • Other support
    • Maple 9.52, Mathcad

Physical Design

  • Client’s in-house support
  • Outside design support*

Client List

Toshiba America Electronic Components
NxP Semiconductors, Inc.
Numetrics Management Systems, Inc.

* Certain design tools are acquired per-project, others are available as needed. Please call for details. Outside physical design support will be managed by CSP.